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Testimonials – What Pastors are Saying

Thank you for the phone message and this email…very impressive customer service. I am anticipating this is something we will consider keeping after we have to pay for it, but I sure appreciate the chance to try it out first. It will really help me sell the idea having something to show. Thank you again for the help. I will be taking advantage of it and it is an impressive service.

Rob Hurt

St. James Missionary Baptist Church, The Vine Fellowship | Arlington, Texas

Things are going great. I love the player and so do our service men and women that listen to the sermons in Iraq.

Shawn Hickman

First Baptist Church | Jacksonville, North Carolina

We’re thanking God for you guys and Sermon Player. I’ve already received several positive comments. We’ve wanted to add streaming messages to our web site for a long time but our resources were limited. The Share Beyond Sunday campaign is a real blessing for us. I am trusting God to supply the necessary funds to continue the service next year.

By the way, I want to say again that Scott and Joshua were very helpful. You guys gave the very best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Thanks again!

Pastor Mark

Bay City Wesleyan Church | Bay City, Michigan

We absolutely love Sermon Player. I had been looking for a long time to find an easy way to manage our online sermons, as far as I am concerned Sermon Player is a Godsend to me. Our church really likes it, I have had very positive comments from our congregation.

Neal Wheeler, Outreach Pastor

Canton Baptist Temple | Canton, Ohio

I have been uploading sermons since the first of the year but the Sermon Player is much more orderly and useful.

Pastor Rob

Just Between You and Me Radio Broadcast

I have enjoyed the simplicity of the player and being able to make all of our teaching available to people absolutely free. Many of our people use the podcast feature to take the weekly messages with them and we are thrilled with how easy it is to use. We were hooked from Day one!

Pastor Joe S. Jones

The Landing Community Church | Glenpool, Oklahoma

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