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Ministry Video Streaming Uses

In addition to delivery of audio, video, and sermon notes, Sermon Player has many other uses. Here are just a few of the uses we have heard about from ministry leaders using the system.

Broadcast Weekly Messages from your Website, Blog, or via Podcasting
Clients have found that embedding their player into multiple sites increases their audience. Many pastors are now taking advantage of this easy to install player system to reach a broader segment of their target audience.
Unique Players for Each Ministry Department
Pastors have let us know over the years the need for each ministry department within their church to have a player embedded on their web page. With our unique player code now every ministry department within a church can have it’s on player.
Inter-Church Training
Many pastors were spending extra evenings at the church to deliver classes either to their staff members or church membership. We have now began to hear reports of pastors recording these teaching sessions and their congregants participating online.
Real Time Reports from the Mission Field
Many churches are now equipping their church sponsored missionary with a Sermon Player. The missionary can then send back updates from the field via podcast or the ministry web site.
Military Personnel or Traveling Members
Shut-ins, travelers, and military personnel are participating in their local church by accessing the Sermon Player from any location worldwide.
Children’s Ministry
Throughout the holiday season we watched a trend where churches were capturing the children’s Christmas programs and displaying it through the Sermon Player system.
Small Groups
Many times finding material for a small group can be difficult. Now a small group leader can teach directly from the Senior Pastor’s Sunday sermon by playing a portion of the Sermon pausing for in-depth discussion and then playing again.

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