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SermonCast Church Media Plans and Pricing

Why pay more? SermonCast is the best value in video and media for churches and ministries.

SermonCast’s church media plans include HD video streaming, video hosting, and the Sermon Studio media management system – all at a fraction of the cost of other providers. There is a plan to meet the needs of any size church or ministry.

EVERY feature is made available to you, but this plan is limited to 2 GB for free (overage charges apply). This is best suited for sharing audio with your audience and trying out the video features, but you will want a premium account if you plan on sharing video regularly.


Premium plans provide an amount of usage that is included each month, and a cost for overage if you exceed your plan. The cost per GB of overage decreases as you move up to larger plans. If you find later that you need to move up or down we are happy to help you find the best plan for your needs. It is usually to your advantage to be on a lower plan and pay for overage rather than being on a higher plan where you are purchasing unused GB each month. Unused usage GBs do not roll over to the next month. One reason to be on a larger plan would to have a flat price each month for budgeting purposes.


The pay-as-you-go bundles are a block of prepaid usage that last until all of your usage has been consumed. This is a great option for users that have a one-time event or expect low usage (2GB – 7GB per month). Bundles include all of the features of Premium plans and are a good way to cap your costs or to insure you are not deactivated for usage with a free plan. You can monitor your usage on the Studio Usage page within your Sermon Studio. You will see this listed under the My Account menu in the upper right. There is also a meter on the Dashboard of your Sermon Studio that shows the current month usage and the billing plan you are using.